11 March 2021MIST Spring School 2021 - Application is Now Open!

MIST is going to offer Spring School from March 29th (Mon) to April 2nd (Fri).

This is a comprehensive program that teaches English, math, social studies, and science based on a variety of themes depending on the class. The classes are composed of different age groups.

Please come and join us!!

Spring Schoolを下記日程で開催します。クラスによりさまざまなテーマにそって英語、算数、社会、理科を総合的に学ぶプログラムです。異年齢クラスで行います。ぜひご参加ください!

Schedule  スケジュール

  • Kindergarten (3-5 years old): 9:00-14:00 from March 29 to April 2
  • Elementary School (5-12 years old  ): 8:30-14:00 from March 29 to April 2

Application  お申込み

To apply, please submit your application from here by Wednesday, March 17. 

※The class will be multi-aged and will only be conducted if we have more than 5 participants in a class. 

※Please contact the school office  before (3/19) when the program begins. Any request of changes or refund after that will not be accepted.