Musashi International School Tokyo

Musashi International School Tokyo (MIST), located in Mitaka, Tokyo, is one of the only four international schools in Japan that offer the Cambridge International programmes at both primary and secondary levels. The kindergarten division for ages 2-5 uses a preschool curriculum in English based on the Early Years Foundation Stage in which academics and play based learning are mixed.

We are committed to providing a high quality international education with reasonable tuition fees to nurture ambitious and life-long learners.


Jeevarani Angelina, a native of Chennai and who is known as "Rani Sanku" established an English-training school, Little Angels English Academy, in 2002. The school has continued to grow since its inception, and the name was changed to Little Angles International School in 2006 as was consistent with the change to an International School. In 2014, Little Angels International School received full accreditation from Cambridge International offering courses through the A Levels. We joined the Aoba-Japan group in 2019. Subsequently, the new school management changed the name of the school to Musashi International School Tokyo in 2020, and has continued to evolve further.


School Mission Statement

MIST contributes to the world community by creating future leaders who have global mindsets and a visionary spirit.

School Vision

The MIST vision for education focuses on developing our student’s ability to set goals, self assess personal abilities, and create an effective pathway to reach their full potential as they develop emotional, intellectual, and physical strengths.

School motto:
“There is more than one path to the top of the mountain.” (Miyamoto Musashi)
School Name
Musashi International School Tokyo
9-7-14, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0013, Japan
Admissions Office
TEL: 03-4570-6400
Email: admissions@mist.school
General Office
TEL:03-4570-6400 (9:00-17:00)
Accreditation & Memberships
Cambridge International, STEM Education Coalition, Children & the Arts
Classrooms (open space), library (approximately 10,000 volumes), Music Room, Art Room, Science Room, rooftop school yard, 1F garden (4-storied school building)
Group Schools
Aoba-Japan International School
Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool
Summerhill International School
Japanese National Holidays, Summer Holidays (Mid July - Late August), Winter Holidays (2 weeks), Spring Holidays (2 weeks)


Emerson Keung, Ed.D
Head of School

I am delighted to accept the appointment as MIST’s Head of School, following in the footsteps and traditions of those who have gone before me.

MIST is a Cambridge International registered K-12 integrated school from 3 year-old kindergarten to high school. This is MIST’s 21st year of school.

By way of personal introduction, I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but raised in Mississauga, Canada by Chinese parents. I grew up amidst several cultures. After earning my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Canada, I began my international education journey in Papua New Guinea where I held various teaching and administrative positions for 9 years. I completed my Master of Education in Papua New Guinea and my Doctor of Education in Hong Kong after which I worked at an international school in Hong Kong for 8 years.

I believe that every child can succeed, given the support, encouragement, and understanding they need. Every student should have the opportunity to discover and nurture their innate gifts and potential.

Looking forward to a wonderful school year as we continue to build upon the past while envisioning a bright future together.

Emerson Keung


Musashi International School Tokyo 9-7-14, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0013, Japan 1.On foot Approximately 20 minutes from JR Mitaka Station (South Gate) to MIST. For detail route, see PDF here. 2.By Bus You can access MIST by bus from the following major stations. Click each station to check the route(s) via Google Maps. Mitaka Station, Kichijoji Station, Musashisakai Station, Chofu Station, Sengawa Station, Chitose-karasuyama Station, Kugayama Station For bus timetables and bus stop details, please refer to the PDF here. School Bus 3 school bus routes serve lower primary students (up to 7 years olds) around the following areas :
  1. Ogikubo area~Kichijoji area~MIST
  2. Komae area (to be finalized)~Chofu area~MIST
  3. Kokubunji area~Koganei area~Mitaka~MIST
1 route serve students of all age around the following areas
    4. Shinjuku area~Hamadayama area~Inokashira-dori Ave.~Mitaka area~MIST Exact details can be ascertained from the school office.