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  • MIST在校生之声
    As I turned 16 years of age, I started to figure out what I really want to do in my future, and began working towards them. As I’m in the highest grade at school and have no seniors who could share their experiences, I face lots of challenges about my future. However, MIST has lots of qualified and experienced teachers, who support and advise me in all aspects. Every time I have doubts or worries, teachers are always there for me to clarify and, they lessened my concerns. To make my dreams come true, I need lots of support from different kinds of people: parents, friends, and teachers. Achieving my goals is not easy, and requires lots of effort, but as my school’s motto says, ‘Nothing is Impossible’. Everything is possible when one has the right support to rely on.

    I have a dream, and every step towards my dream is in total darkness, but MIST lights up the path and leads me closer to my ambition.

    我在16岁时开始寻找将来真正想要做的事,并朝着梦想出发。现在,我是学校里最高年级的学生,没有可以与我分享经验的学长和学姐,所以我将直面关于未来的挑战。但MIST有很多经验丰富的老师。即使有疑虑或不安,老师也会帮助我们解决问题,并时刻陪伴在我们的身旁。梦想的实现离不开家人、朋友和老师等许多人的支持。想要达成目标并不容易,我需要努力再努力。但正如学校的宗旨所说,“没有什么是不可能的(Nothing is impossible)”。获得值得信任的支持和帮助,一切就皆有可能。


    Mayu O., Y11
  • MIST在校生监护人之声
    My son will be 14 years old in April and has attended MIST since he was 5 years old. Given that he did not attend MIST’s preschool while most of the other elementary students did, he had to attend weekend school for about 4 months prior to becoming a 1st grader in order to catch up with his peers. The classes were mainly to focus on his writing skills, since our family speaks both English and Japanese at home and have traveled quite extensively outside of Japan. I was amazed that within 4 months, his writing skills had improved greatly and it was largely due to MIST.

    In life, there are always going to be challenges and the same holds true for my son. However, with the support of MIST, he has overcome these challenges. MIST has given me their time and support. In most cases, parents need to be heavily involved in their children’s development as well. My son will be attending a US university and when I was informed MIST was getting accredited by Cambridge, I was elated. This will give MIST students a better opportunity to enter a top tier university. This accreditation is recognized not only by UK institutions, but also by top US universities including the famed Ivy League schools.
    My son will be taking the Cambridge Check Point exam in couple of weeks, and I am very grateful for the teacher’s support. 
    I am looking forward to MIST’s future and pondering which top universities the students might enter.


    我的儿子将在数星期之内参加剑桥的Check Point测试。我非常感谢老师的帮助。

    Toru I.