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School Year 2022-2023

9月5日         Term 1 開始

9月30日         遠足 (初等部)

10月11-14日              インターナショナルフェスティバル

10月27-28日             保護者面談

10月31日 - 11月4日  中間休暇(Mid-Term Break)

12月5-9日                   Term 1 期末考査

12月16日                     Term 1 終了

12月19-23日               Winter School

12月26日-1月9日       冬休み


1月10日                        Term 2 開始

2月8-10日                   スキートリップ (中等部・高等部)

2月20-24日                 中間休暇(Mid-Term Break)

3月13-17日                   Term 2 期末考査

3月24日              Term 2 終了

3月27日-31日              Spring School

4月3-7日                      春休み


4月10日                       Term 3 開始

5月 1-5日                    ゴールデンウィーク休暇

6月2日                        幼児部遠足

6月21-23日               キャンピングトリップ (初等部・中等部・高等部)

7月10-14日                Term 3 期末考査

7月21日                      Term 3 終了

7月22日                     卒業式

7月24-28日               夏休み


  • MIST在籍生コメント
    As I turned 16 years of age, I started to figure out what I really want to do in my future, and began working towards them. As I’m in the highest grade at school and have no seniors who could share their experiences, I face lots of challenges about my future. However, MIST has lots of qualified and experienced teachers, who support and advise me in all aspects. Every time I have doubts or worries, teachers are always there for me to clarify and, they lessened my concerns. To make my dreams come true, I need lots of support from different kinds of people: parents, friends, and teachers. Achieving my goals is not easy, and requires lots of effort, but as my school’s motto says, ‘Nothing is Impossible’. Everything is possible when one has the right support to rely on.

    I have a dream, and every step towards my dream is in total darkness, but MIST lights up the path and leads me closer to my ambition.

    私が16歳になったとき、将来本当にやりたいことを見つけ始め、夢に向かって動き始めました。今、私は学校で経験を分かち合う上級生のいない最高学年であり、私は自分の将来についてチャレンジに直面することがあります。しかし、MISTには経験豊富な教師が数多くいます。疑問や心配があっても、それらをクリアにし、解消するうえで先生たちはいつもそばにいてくれます。夢をかなえるためには、親、友人、そして先生といった、さまざまな人たちからのサポートが必要です。私の目標を達成することは容易ではなく、多くの努力を必要とします。しかし学校のモットーが言うように「不可能なことは何もない(Nothing is impossible)」。信頼できるサポートを得ることで、すべてが可能と考えています。


    Mayu O., Y11
  • MIST在籍生保護者コメント

    My son will attend a US university in the fall and was accepted in their Business Honors Program and Honors College.   

    Taking the challenging Cambridge AS & A Level subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, teacher's recommendation letter and essays which were proofread by his English teacher were integral in his acceptance. Depending on the A Level Exam results, the university will award up to 1 year college credit so he can graduate in 3 years.

    US universities are very expensive and we're fortunate that my son received 2 merit based scholarships which will cover the majority of the cost. Merit based scholarships are based on grades during high school and more weight is placed on the challenging AS & A levels subjects where GPA is recalculated as well as the SAT.

    My son has attended MIST since he was 5 years old and we're grateful that he received a Cambridge International curriculum that is highly regarded not just in the US including the Ivy League schools but also all over the world. We're grateful to the teachers and management for their support and guidance and making it such a tight knit community where students enjoy going to school.

    私の息子は、この秋からアメリカの大学に進学することとなり、また、ビジネス学科の特待生プログラム(Business Honors Program)と特待生学部への入学が決まりました。




    Toru I.