04 March 2022Vacancy Update (Senior KG and Year 1 are full as of 3 March)

Following is an update of vacancy at each grade level at Musashi International School Tokyo. Please note that some classes are full or near full capacity.

School Year 2021-2022 (September, 2021 - July, 2022)

  • Ruby Angels: Full
  • Junior KG: 1 vacant spot
  • Senior KG: Full
  • Year 1: Full
  • Year 2: Accepting applications
  • Year 3: 1 vacant spot
  • Year 4: 3 vacant spots
  • Year 5: Accepting applications
  • Year 6: Accepting applications
  • Middle School/High School: Accepting applications*

School Year 2022-2023 (September, 2022 - July, 2023) September admission

  • Ruby Angels: Not accepting application
  • Junior KG: Accepting applications
  • Senior KG: Accepting applications
  • Year 1: Full
  • Year 2: Full
  • Year 3: Accepting applications
  • Year 4: 1 vacant spot
  • Year 5: 3 vacant spots
  • Year 6: Accepting applications
  • Middle School/High School: Accepting applications*
*Year 10-11 and Year 12-13 are IGCSE and A Level respectively, both of which are two-year long programs. Generally, these programs only accept students for September admission.

Students' grade level are determined by their age as of 1 September. For example, Year 1 Students for School Year 2021-2022 have reached age of 5 as of 1 September, 2021 (including students whose birthday is 1 September).

Applications (submitted online) for the grade level that is full are placed on the waitlist. When vacancy occurs, applicants on the waitlist are informed and guided to proceed further in their application process. Those who already have submitted applications as of 3 March, and been in the application process or accepted for admission may continue on their entrance process.

For grade levels with few vacancies, we process applications in order of submission. Applications received after all vacancies are filled will be place on the wait list.

For further questions, please contact the admission officer (