17 February 2023MIST Kindergarten and a Part of Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool Mitaka Campus to Merge in September 2023


Aoba International Educational Systems (A-JB) and its subsidiary, MUSASHI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION (MIST), will merge a part of the A-JB Mitaka Campus and MIST Kindergarten, and will operate as A-JB International School Bridge Course (Musashi International school Course) on the second floor of A-JB Mitaka Campus (4-15-41 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo). “Aoba Bridge Program” will begin operation of a 100% English education course for those who wish to enter MIST in September, 2023.

As the number of students grew rapidly, MIST searched for options to expand its campus, including the relocation of the campus facility to a larger building. However, due to the real estate market and impact of Covid-19, we were not able to find a viable solution to accommodate the needs of MIST students. Thus, it began to consider relocating a part of MIST as the next best alternative.

Meanwhile, the educational and business inefficiencies became apparent as both A-JB Mitaka and MIST offer preschool programs in the Mitaka area despite the fact that A-JB (a bilingual program) and MIST (all-English  program) offer different programs. Therefore, we reached the conclusion to merge a part of A-JB Mitaka and MIST Kindergarten.

"Aoba Bridge Program" will continue to offer Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which MIST Kindergarten currently uses, and help its students prepare for promotion to MIST's Cambridge Primary Level.

A-JB and MIST are currently finalizing details of this integration. The admission process will be shifted to be managed by A-JB Mitaka within the next few months for parents and families who are considering applying for MIST Kindergarten for September entrance. Those who have already applied for K3 and K4 of School Year 2023-2024 do not need to make another application, but a separate nursing care contract will be made to enroll children to A-JB, not with MIST, if accepted to A-JB Mitaka. You will be notified for additional changes. 

(株)アオバインターナショナルエデュケイショナルシステムズ(以下A-JB)と、その子会社である(株)ムサシインターナショナルエデュケイション(以下MIST)は、2023年9月よりA-JB三鷹キャンパスの一部とMIST 幼児部を統合し、A-JB三鷹キャンパス(東京都三鷹市下連雀4丁目15−41 コーポレート連雀店舗棟)二階で「Aoba Bridge Program(Musashi International school Course」としてMIST進学を前提とした100%英語教育コースを運営することといたしました。



Aoba Bridge Programは、現在MIST幼児部が使用している、Eearly Years Foundation Stageカリキュラムを引き続き用い、所属生徒がMISTのケンブリッジPrimary Levelカリキュラムへの進級できるように指導してまいります。

統合の詳細につきましては、最終調整中でございます。9月入学希望者の申し込み手続きにつきましては、数か月以内にA-JB三鷹キャンパスへ移管される予定です。すでに2023-2024年度入学の申し込みをされている方につきましては、別途お申し込みは必要ありませんが、Aoba Bridge Programへの入園には、別途A-JBとの保育委託契約書が必要となります。その他の変更についても随時お知らせいたします。