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16 June 2021MISTサマースクール2021

Musashi International School Tokyo (MIST) English Summer School 2021 is around the corner! Join us for a fun and inspiring summer!

Musashi International School Tokyo (MIST)の英語サマースクールがもうすぐ始まります。ぜひ参加して刺激的で楽しい夏にしましょう!

Program A: Traveling the World

This summer, our theme is ”traveling the world”. Students will be given passports, and we will be traveling to destinations to explore the world!

Our aim is to teach the students about different countries' cultures including their food, places, animals, music and customs, in order to reinforce their learning, while cultivating creativity alongside themed arts and science experiments.

Looking forward to introducing them to other places and having them experience new things!

今年のMIST KinderのSummer Schoolは自分だけのパスポートを持って、世界中を回ります!!



Who can apply:

Children whose birthday is between September 2, 2015 and September 1, 2017 are eligible for Program A.


Weekly Plan & Theme/ Activity、Daily Schedule   

Program B: A Summer of Fun Exploration

The program is based on weekly themes. The children will be engaged in fun activities; Integrated English, Science, Games for Vocabulary Development, Art - very enriching experience for children.

過去、未来を探る、Deep down the Earth、The Flying Carpet Adventure!!! 

Deep down the Earth、The Flying Carpet Adventureなど、週ごとのテーマに沿って、ドラマメイキングやフィジカルアクティビティなど、楽しく英語を学ぶことができるプログラムとなっています。

Week 2 - Explore the World Beyond

Week 3 - Deep Down the Earth

Who can apply:

Children whose birthday is between September 2, 2009 and September 1, 2015 are eligible for Program B.



 ・Week 1: July 19-23 (Program A ONLY・Prgoram Aのみ実施)

  Week 2: July 26-30

  Week 3: August 2-6


 - Program A: 8:30-14:00 (Extension available till 17:00)

 - Program B: 8:30-14:30 (Extension available till 17:00)

Fees (JPY, tax included)


 - 1 week: 60,000

 - 2 weeks: 110,000

 - 3 weeks: 160,000

Sibling discount in tuition: 10% for the second child and beyond (If the number of weeks of participation differs, the discount will be applied to the sibling with fewer participation weeks.)


・School bus & child care (optional, weekly price below)

1) Please contact for school bus details.


- Bus A: Musashino-shi, Ogikubo Suginami-ku area (up to 6 years old)

- Bus B: South Mitaka, Chofu area (up to 6 years old)

- Bus C: Shinagawa, Meguro, Nakano, Suginami, Kichijoji area

- Bus A:武蔵野市、杉並区荻窪方面(小1まで対象)
- Bus B:三鷹市南部・調布市方面(小1まで対象)
- Bus C:品川/目黒/中野/杉並/吉祥寺方面

2) Please note that there will be a Child Care fee if you are using C bus or the second bus of A and B bus.

CバスまたはA, Bバス2便を利用する場合、同時に延長保育をお申込みいただきます。

3) No refund will be given in case of absence.


・School lunch (optional)

 - Small: 450 yen/day

 - Medium: 550 yen/day   

 - Le Gastronomique: 660 yen/day   

 - Extra Large: 760 yen/day

If you would like to order Lunch, you will receive more information later.



To apply, please submit your application via Google Form By Wednesday, July 7. (If you are applying for more than one child, please submit one form for each child.)