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13 April 2021Book Bazaar & English Book Workshop by Scholastic

3月27日(土)、Musashi International School Tokyoで開催


// Book Bazaar & English Book Workshop by Scholastic

開催場所・Place: Musashi International School Tokyo

日時・Date:9:00-12:00 on Saturday, March 27th 



Please register from here. We will remove the session when it reaches the capacity.

【英語絵本・洋書バザー // English Book Spring Bazaar】

開催時間/Time 9:00 - 12:00



We have a wide variety of English picture books and workbooks for early years and elementary school students.


Special: Stationery is also available at a discounted price. For purchase of 1,000 yen or more of stationery, you can choose we will give you 1-3 books for free.

【英語絵本で子育てワークショップ // English Picture Book Workshop】

開催時間/Time 9:00-9:45(日本語)、10:00-10:45(日本語)、11:00-11:45(English)



Ms. Kozue Sekiguchi from Scholastic will be delivering a workshop on English picture books. 



 How to discover the fun of English and cultivate curiosity through English picture books.


 How to choose picture books or digital resources based on the child’s age and stage of development.


 How to read for the child in English.


 How can parents who are not fluent in English support their children’s English learning


 Recommended picture books and other resources.